Topics of the Exhibition

Factory Automation

  • Automated control systems (AMS) and corporate information systems (CIS) of the establishment quantities (MRP, ERP etc.)
  • Connection and telecommunication systems for industrial facilities
  • Management and analysis of financial and economic activities
  • Sales and supply management. Automation of industrial storage
  • Automated systems for engineering networks, energy conservation
  • Monitoring of areas, buildings and premises. Smart home
  • Computer peripherals (industrial keyboards and pointing devices)

Automation of Technological Process

  • SCADA-systems, MES-systems, real time systems
  • Industrial computers and PLC
  • Automated lines, automated industrial and robot-technical complexes, systems with CNC
  • Metering, control, diagnostic, testing automated systems
  • Controllers, sensors, execution units, drives
  • SCS, coupling modules, modems, wires and cables
  • Boards, panels, cases, power supply units
  • Equipment for application in explosion hazard zones
  • Trainers for automatic control system operators
  • Wireless technologies

Pneumatic and hydro-automation systems

On-board and embedded systems

  • Computers for heavy-duty applications
  • On-board computing systems
  • Single-board computers for multimedia and game machines
  • Panel computers for HMI systems
  • Rugged computers: notebooks, map cases and pocket PCs
  • Telecommunication and navigation systems for mobile and heavy duty applications
  • Embedded OS, real time OS

System integration and consulting

  • System integration for oil, gas
  • System integration for transport
  • Automated directory and documentation system
  • Intellectual house
  • IT-consulting
  • Information-and-analytic systems
  • Information security

Industrial building automation for

  • Comfort conditions level increase
  • Resource and cost optimization
  • Effective utility systems functioning inside of the building
  • People safety inside of the building